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Databases have come a long way. Once they were only able to find and sort basic information and feed it back to the user in limited ways. Today's Integrated Information Systems bring a sophistication and capability beyond the wildest hopes of those early systems.

Integrated Information Systems can manipulate your basic data and present it to you in an almost limitless variation.It can connect and interconnect all aspects of your business - making it easier control, easier to manage and easier to operate.


  • Integrate your Client Records, Stock Control, Suppliers information and Accounts.


  • Generate mail shots -  anything from your entire client list to those people who bought  a particular product or service at a particular time. Choose whether to send them via e-mail or normal post.


  • Generate automated individual follow-up letters. Thank your clients for the business, offer additional products or services based on the individual client's history, or send a reminder for an unpaid bill.


  • Easily add or amend your stored information, via a simple, easy to understand interface tailored to your specific requirements.


  • Integrate with the Web making your business web-based can open a whole new market place and a secure E-commerce web site can be integrated with your database to make it an easily controlled and profitable option.

We tailor-make Integrated Information Systems to match your business, your market and your own preferences. Contact us for more details and find out how we can revolutionise your day-to-day operations.



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